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Magic Games
puzzle Station Thom Games / July 17, 2021

Magic Games are games that deal with the powers and energies associated with different kinds of magic. Often summoned by powerful wizards and witches, magic is almost equal to science in the realm of supernatural powers. From protective wards to flying steeds, the powers of magic seem almost limitless. Often these games are associated with a particular kind of magic or a group of magical creatures.

One of the most popular games is Dungeons and Dragons. Considered the grandfather of modern fantasy role playing games, D&D set the stage for the complex and detailed world of modern fantasy gaming. The rules of the game remain the same, though the game has evolved and been modernized in many ways. Most D&D games involve some sort of quest, either for exploration or gaining precious treasures. Players take turns being the adventurer and explore the wild west, medieval Europe, or the dark continent of Africa in search of mythical artifacts or magical powers.

A few decades later, another series of magic games emerged which were nearly as popular as D&D. Known as Oriental fiction, these games took the concept of fantasy and transformed it into an exotic oriental theme. Based on stories from India and China, Oriental fantasy games often involved the game characters traveling across the world to overcome evil and save the world. Although these games share some similarities with D&D, they have evolved to be very different games.

Among the most popular of these games is the classic Chinese game of Chess. With its simple yet elegant game mechanics, the Chess game has always been a favorite among player due to its strategic depth. Another game that enjoys a huge fan following is the game of Othello. In this game, the player has a goal which is to become the first player to move their piece without taking any action. Players have to think carefully and think out each step to achieve their goal.

Different games in this genre of games include the game of Candyland. In Candyland, players have to direct the miniatures by feeding them specific candy pieces. If the miniatures stray too much from the path, they will get hurt. The objective of the game is for the players to direct the miniatures through different pathways to reach the goal. The objective in this game is to eat all the candies without dropping any in the process.

The game of Freeze Tag is another one that enjoys a large fan following among players. In the game of Freeze Tag, a small ball with a magnetic strip on it is given to the player who does not lose his or her hand while playing the game. The object of the game is to tag the ball with your opponent’s magic mark. When the player drops the magical mark, the ball in turn becomes deflated and the magician who dropped it becomes frozen. This game is often played in pubs or pool halls and is very popular with people of all ages.